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Mining and Manufacturing RemiLicht company specializes in design and manufacture of LED-products and electrical household IQ-products. The company's portfolio includes the following categories: LED-bulbs, LED-table lamps, portable LED-lights, interior lights, the IQ-power strips and sockets, as well as portable external batteries (Power bank).


During the production process, RemiLicht company uses the most advanced automated assembly line (Samsung) to connect LEDs, eliminating the possibility of damage that occurs when "manual" assembly.

All LED-products have successfully passed laboratory tests to comply with the European quality standards and EMC compliance (electromagnetic compatibility). According to the results of an independent lighting research laboratory "Arсhilight" (Moscow), LED-lamps RemiLicht have the lowest ripple factor (0,2%) and comply with the European quality standards. RemiLicht is the only company that can boast of such low level of pulsation.

High-quality components allow to increase the service life of LED-lamps up to 30 000 hours, which is 15 times more than incandescent bulbs while maintaining high color rendering index (Ra 80).

The strength of the company is a modern engineering and co-operation with the German design bureau «Reingold Golzvardt» (Frankfrut). In its production RemiLicht embodies the boldest and the latest researches in LED-technology to make each IQ-product multi-functional, thus, very easy to use.

RemiLicht Company represents a range of stylish desktop LED-lamps fitted out with built-in sensor of temperature, calendar, alarm, clock, mini-stereo, voice control and management via mobile devices. IQ-power strips from RemiLicht are fitted out with all currently existing systems of protection and have the USB-port for charging mobile devices. The function of pulse determination of current allows to charge the battery of mobile devices safely for the controller.

Quality control of materials and components, testing and laboratory investigations are integral components of RemiLicht production.

Health Care

One of the strategic goals of the RemiLicht company is a health case and environmental friendliness. That is why, we have designed our own brand mark of quality "Gutes Licht", which can be translated from German as "good light".

LED-lamps RemiLicht are fit out with EMC-driver of the latest generation of drivers, which minimizes the ripple factor and provides the most comfortable light to the human eye.

LED-lamps have very low heating temperature (40°C), which is safe for tactile contact. LED-lamps do not contain harmful mercury compounds, so are safe for utilization.

All products of RemiLicht are safe for children.


Today LED-technology is one of the most effective method of energy saving in the world. It is no secret that LED-bulbs have 8 times more economical power consumption than an incandescent lamp and 2 times more economical than fluorescent lamps, thus saving up to 90% of electricity consumption.

It has been estimated that the usage of single LED-lamp instead of incandescent lamp can save up to 10 000 rubles per year.

RemiLicht LED-lamps are made from high quality materials and components, which greatly increases their service life (30 000 hours). LED-products have a three-year warranty to save your money.

We create moderate innovative products, making your life bright and comfortable!

RemiLicht team

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