All-Russia Energy saving festival # VsemYarche

Festival  events # VsemYarche in 2017 were held across the country during this year  in September – October. From 01 to 23 September in major cities and regional centers, the Festival will be held in the format of holidays for the whole family. Also in support of the festival , there will be thematic lessons and a "Week of saving" in educational establishments, creative and research competitions for pupils and students, open Days for energy companies with a demonstration of energy-saving technologies, quests and quizzes. The Festival will end in Sochi on 14 – October 22 during the world festival of youth and students (WFMS) with the participation of international guests (, which will also be attended by our staff.

According to Deputy energy Minister of Russia Anton Inyutsyn, this year, the integration with the program of the XIX WFMS and the year of the environment is the feature of the festival # VsemYarche. The main theme of the festival  is "Generation of energy-efficient 2030".

- “Over the past four years thanks to the common efforts and hard work, the Ministry of energy,regions, enterprises and the population have reduced the energy intensity of the Russian economy by 11.5 percent. There are, still more ambitious tasks and projects. For us the idea of the festival # VsemYarche is that at home, at work or in public places everyone can see and set an example of careful attitude to energy, nature and money. We welcome everyone who considers it important to support the competitiveness of our country and its economy through introduction of modern technologies”,- said A. Inyutsyn.

From 1 August to 22 December there will be the personal Declaration of respect for the energy on the website of the festival , taking  action on signing. Every citizen can join and invite friends to participate in this promotion action via social networks.

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